Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sitting at an Airport(s)

The inside of John Wayne' Airport's (Orange County) new terminal
This is going to be a super goofy post. I am sitting at John Wayne Airport with a three hour delay and a thought hit my baby brain. The thought is I might as well post the pictures I have taken inside various airports that I have taken over the last year. It seems like the thing to do as Peter,Paul and Mary once sang "Waiting for a jet plane". These pictures are not of any displays or anything but just general airport pics I have taken for some strange reason:

A Horizon Plane in University of Washington colors at San Jose Airport
Love the hang gilders at John Wayne
The inside of San Jose Mineta Airport
Here is one: The Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame is located in the San Francisco Airport:

That is Oakland Raider great Dave Casper's plaque below the sign

Tennis Legend Billie Jean King plaque
Got to love the surfboards at John Wayne Airport outside the Hobie Restaurant
Alaska Airplane in honor of the MLS Portland Timbers in San Jose
Again, I do not know I took this pics but sometimes my goofy gene takes over.

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