Thursday, December 20, 2012

Slot Machines Gone High Tech

Gone with the Wind slot machine
Been finding more pics from Vegas in my files-so I have a couple more blogs from the trip-Sorry. One thing I really noticed is now nice the slot machines have become. They have gone from simple things:

A slot machine from back in the day:
to these high-tech super flashing lights and everything. A lot of them now are based on something and are tied-in to a movie, TV show or a person. I too some pics of the ones I liked in the different casinos:

A Jaws slot machine
May the Force Be With You in playing
Hey, Hey There The Monkees
It is the King of Pop
It's a bird, It's a plane, it's a slot machine
Who are going to call....
Grease is the Word
The Dark Knight takes your money
Off to see the Wizard
Slot machines have become more sexy over the years to make it easier for them to take your money.

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