Sunday, December 16, 2012

A small look at Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

The Bay Area Rapid Transit map and all the stops
Every morning (including me) Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) hosts about 300,000 trips on it trains a day. some people use it for work (like me), for fun, to head to the airport and just to get around the San Francisco Bay Area. It is the Bay Area's subway system. It just turned 40 this past September and to be honest I don't how this region of nine counties and 7.1 million people would get around without it:

A BART coming into the Civic Center Station in San Francisco
The front of the South Hayward station
BART ticket machine
The inside of a BART car
Powell St (San Francisco) station
Two four car BART trains being connected to make an eight car train
Connected and ready to go at Fremont station
A BART train
If you are in the Bay Area, BART is the way get around. It may not have the fame of Chicago's El or the New York Subway System, but it is a lifeline here in the Bay Area.

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