Saturday, December 8, 2012

Good Bye to Old Friend (restaurant version)

The front of La Imperial
La Imperial in Hayward has been open for 40 years and I know I have been going there by myself for at least 27 years (since I had a job near there). It is closing on Dec.15th and I am pretty bummed about. They are closing for many reasons-The economic downtown which has hurt small-family owned restaurants, the death of "Mama"-Maria Gilbert who founded the place. It wasn't a place to eat but a place to meet and enjoy a meal with friends (and the staff and anybody in there was a friend). But I want to say good-bye old friend you will be missed:

The inside of La Imperial
The homemade salsa-Nothing beats it
A La Imperial Super Burrito
The guts of a Super Burrito-Yummy
Love the murals on the wall
Another mural
Another view of the inside
I am going to miss the place. Big Time. Good-bye Old Friend, you will be missed.


  1. Oh I've never been there, but now I wish I had. How nice that you gave them this farewell. It's too bad they are closing. The pictures are wonderful. I can see how it was one of your favorite restaurants! :D


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