Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Visit to Marina Park in San Leandro

On Christmas Eve, the kiddos and I were in San Leandro and we decided to take a visit to Marina Park. Up until the kiddos were about seven and eight. Since, I lived near there,  I would take them there almost every weekend to play, run around and enjoy nature.

We haven't been there for a while, I moved away, they got bigger and more busy with there lives, etc. We were over that way and decided to take a visit. It is still the same and I miss going there. It is still a beautiful place to spend time.

The big kids playground structure

Love the trees at the Park
The field at San Leandro's Marina Park

The view at Marina Park in San Leandro
It is a traditional park in all senses, but since it is on the San Francisco Bay, they have a lot of trails that you can walk along and see breath taking views of the Bay:

The shoreline
Moss covered rocks
The San Francisco Bay
One of many workout stations at Marina Park. You can workout using machines there and have great views
The sun setting on the Bay
San Leandro Marina Park is a gem. I forgot how much I missed the views of this great place. I need to go back.

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