Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bronco Billy's Pizza

The front of Bronco Billy's Pizza
This is a first for me as all the pics shot on this blog are from my IPhone. I finally decided to get one a while back and it has taken me a while to figure out everything about it (I know I am slow), but hopefully the pics are decent.

A while ago I went to a pizza joint called Bronco Billy's in Fremont. Never had been there and walked in and I liked the vibe of the place:

The bar area at Bronco Billy's
The inside of Bronco Billy's
When I go to a place, I always look around to see what they have up and on the walls. The more original the better. Bronco Billy's has western stuff on the walls, but it is pretty cool:

Love the old western movie posters on the wall
And ode to the Civil War
I love this movie
And in Bronco Billy's something is always staring at you while you eat:

That is a big fish

But again if the food isn't good then the place sucks and the food is good:

Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza
Garlic Bread with real garlic

Hot wings
One thing I really liked was that they had a real salad bar and not just lettuce and tomato only like most pizza places:

Bronco Billy's salad bar
And finally it is one place that I can pick up one of my favorite free newspapers about the local high school sports scene "SportStars":

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