Sunday, September 16, 2012

Star Wars, Baseball and Fireworks

A Tie-Fighter stormtrooper in the stands at O.Co Coliseum

At the A's-Orioles game on 9-14-12, they held their annual Star Wars fireworks night. They encouraged people to come in their Star Wars costumes and then they let the animals (oops fans) on the field to watch fireworks from the field. Besides a great game, it makes for some interesting people viewing:

A sand stormtrooper
Boba Fett likes New York
Luke and Leia like the A's and Wavy Lays
An R2D2 backpack
Darth Vader
After the game they let people on the field to view the fireworks:

The warning track in right field
The field
The visitor's dugout
Another view of the infield
And the fans sat back on the outfield grass and enjoyed the fireworks:

Fans enjoying themselves
More fireworks
Bursting above O.Co Colisuem

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