Tuesday, September 11, 2012

California Academy of Sciences

Located in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park is the California Academy of Sciences. It is a really cool place to spend a day. It contains an Aquarium, a Planetarium and a Natural History Museum so there is something for everybody.

The funny thing is that I had not been there in maybe 30 years, but they held an educator's night and I went. It was my first time in the new building and they did a really great job.

A little history, when the earthquake of 1989 hit, the old building sustained some damage. In 2005, they decided to shut the place down and build a new building. Well, it took about $500 million and three years to build it and they got it right. The whole place is environmentally friendly and used cutting edge methods to keep it that way. One of the way cool things is the roof, which is 2.5 acres -Green and living.

Part of the California Academy of Sciences roof
More of the roof
More roof
More of the roof
Ok, enough pics of the roof:

As you enter T-Rex is there to greet you

And they have this other cool thing is rain forest exhibit where you are actually in a man made rain forest and you walk up on a ramp and see the different tropic levels of a rain forest. One thing: When I was there it was night and they had put away the birds for evening:

As you walk in
Can you see the frogs?

They have butterfly's flying all around and this landed on a railing right next to me
From the top
The California Academy of Sciences is cool and where else can you a tusk from a woolly mammoth:

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