Sunday, September 9, 2012

Women's Field Hockey 9-2-12: Northwestern vs. Pacific

The scoreboard at Maxwell Family Field-Home of Cal's Women's Field Hockey Team

Ok, I have seen most sports in my life live. But I have never seen Women's Field Hockey. I have watched it when they show it on the Olympics but that is about it. So, I headed over to Cal last Sunday to watch it. The price was right (free) so I went. But being the idiot I am, I thought Cal was playing and the match started at 11 am. Well, I was wrong on both counts. It was Northwestern vs. Pacific and the match started at 1pm.

I am glad that I stuck around because I had a good time. It was fun and these women are as tough as they come. Running up and down the field with no time outs, getting clobbered with the sticks and getting hit with the ball (that thing is hard) these women have shot up my chart for respect as athletes. TV doesn't do this sport justice on how in shape, and tough these players are. Also the game is played a pretty good speed:

Goalie Amanda Wirth of Northwestern watching the action
Tara Puffenberger of Northwestern going to the ball
Maxwell Family Field-Home of Cal Field Hockey
Pacific's Kelsey Gulledge getting things started
Pacific's Doreen Stern awaiting a pass
Northwestern about to score

Northwestern's Kelley Stump trying to make a move
Northwestern's Tara Puffenberger is down and Pacific's Hannah Bettencourt looks on
Some game action

That ball is hard
Northwestern beat Pacific 5-1. It was a good game and watching it live has made a fan out of me. I know I will be back.

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