Saturday, September 22, 2012

FSFPL Really Big Book Sale

One of my favorite times of the year. The Really Big Book Sale put on by the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library. I love going to it every year. It is truly something I look forward to doing. It is held at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Nothing beats it: A great view of the San Francisco Bay (I got an added bonus that I will blog later on) and a lot of books. Man, do they have a lot-over 500,000 books. They have them in every category and they do a great job in marking the categories. The books are priced great: $3.00 for hardbacks, $2.00 for softcovers and a buck for media (DVD, VHS, CD's, Cassettes and Records). On Sunday which is the last day of the sale everything is a buck. It is truly something to attend. I usually go on Friday to avoid the crowds:

As you walk in
CD's-Took me over an hour to speed look
A guy going through the boxes
I love going the boxes under the tables
People going through the books
This guy was serious about buying

And you never know what you will find:

A CD by the Dripping Silts-The songtitles were very interesting
A Tony the Tiger Poster Book
Very Interesting
These were my buys for the day:

Bought a bunch of these Dandy's. These are English graphic novels from the 80's

And a couple of Beanos': English graphic comics from the 80's

From Upper Left going clockwise: Moby:Southside single, Oh Say Can You Sing:Music by Major League  Baseball Players, Good Morning Vietnam Soundtrack, In the Air Tonight: Virgin Records Greatest Hits

The HBO Do You Believe in Miracles DVD

From Left: Best Baseball Writing 2005, Over Time By Frank Deford, Champions:The Story of the 2006  New York Yankees
Two Doonesbury books flanked by Japan Inc, a graphic novel about the rise of the Japanese economy in the 80's

Outland and One Last Little Peak: Bloom County

The biggest find of the day for me was this:

Lone Star J.R. by Johnny Rutherford as it was signed by the auto racing legend (below)

And they always have great volunteers to help:

She was so nice

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