Monday, November 12, 2012

A Day at Apple Hill

Last week, I went out to an area that is called Apple Hill. It is located in the cities of Placerville, Camino and Pollock Pines. It is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from the Bay Area and just about the half way point if you are driving from the Bay Area to Reno. Apple Hill is an association of about 50 different spa's, wineries, Christmas tree growers, vineyards and apple farms. Some of the farms just stuck to apples while some others had a lot going on such as hayrides, food, letting local craftsman set up shop and petting zoo's.  They have everything under the sun that can be done with apples. Yes, it is very touristy but I enjoyed myself:

Apple Trees
Loved this pond at one of the farms
I can't resist: Ducks on the Pond
The view from one of the farms
These Arkansas Black Apples are sooo good
Apple Dounts-YUMMMY
Apple Turnovers
Apple Groves
Homemade Soap
Love the trees 
Part of my haul. 

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