Saturday, November 17, 2012

Get Your Game On-Chess N Games

I am in the city of sin-Las Vegas until Friday and I guess the several blogs will be about the Las Vegas I see. It will be off the beaten path for sure. Like a little shop I came across last night. I had some time waiting for some people in this shopping place called Tivoil Village and I stumbled  into a shop called Chess N Games. It was really cool, they had some the coolest chess boards I had ever seen:

The chess pieces are made of pewter
The pewter king and queen
This set is called Chessman
A couple of the pieces
They have a lot of other things besides chess to cater to your gaming needs:

Games, Games, Games
Suspend-Never heard of it but it looks cools
Cribbage boards-My favorite card game
If in Vegas-you must have a roulette wheel
So, if you wonder off the strip take a look at Chess N Games, the place is cool and the staff is nice.

The inside of Chess N Games

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