Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Home of Pawn Stars

The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop-Home of "Pawn Stars"
I wasn't going to go, NO WAY. I have been to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop several times in different trips to Las Vegas and decided I wasn't going to go, but at the urging of a friend who wanted to see pics, I decided to go. The key was waiting until there was no line. I got lucky, drove up and caught the place when there was no line to get in. Rick, the Old Man, Cory and Chumlee are on vacation and were not in the shop.

They completed an expansion since the last time I was there and there is a whole lot more "Pawn Stars" merchandise for sale inside the store than the first time I visited a couple of years ago:

The people inside "Pawn Stars"
Got to love this notebook
Painting of an ALDAG Indian Motorcycle
The famous gun ring
In the middle is the 2001 New England Patriots Super Bowl Ring
$1000 dollar bill
The selling of stuff
People looking around
Love this car
Cory Spinks IBF Boxing Belt
Joe Greene's Olympic medals
Got to love the marketing

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  1. So glad I convinced you to go in! Love all the Chumlee stuff LOL


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