Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting My Geek On At Toy Shack Las Vegas

The front of Toy Shack in Las Vegas
I have been to Las Vegas a couple of times and had never been to the Fremont Street Experience. Well, I decided to go down there and it was cool (A bunch of blogs coming on that-lol) but anyway I get down there and one of the first things I see was this sign for Toy Shack. I walked in and it is so cool. Man, they had the coolest stuff going back to my childhood. Also, a bonus is that it is the store of the Pawn Stars toy expert Johnny. He wasn't around when I was there. One thing: Sorry, I violated one of my own rules and that is I did not take any photos of the layout of the store but the layout is nice and easy to get around:

A Gumby and Friends set from back in the day
Love me some Dig Dug
I remember playing with Evil Knievel as a kid
Love his collection of Star Wars stuff
Remember all the fights that one Christmas over these dolls
Iron Man
Always had a soft spot for Rodan
Love the horse and not the Jordan sign
When in Vegas you need Elvis
Love the ET cups
Nano, Nano
Toy Shack is now on my must visit whenever I am in Vegas. Love it.

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