Friday, November 9, 2012

Am I in Heaven or Haight-Ashbury T-Shirts

Love them
A friend of mine has been telling me about the Haight-Ashbury T-Shirt shop for a while now. He was telling me about all the cool vintage reproductions of old baseball shirts there-knowing that I am huge baseball fan. So finally I had a chance to go. Man, it was great. They have tons of old reproductions of old baseball shirts-old minor league teams, old PC, Negro Leagues and some Japanese. Man, I thought it was great. They only allowed one picture to be taken inside the store, but they had all the baseball in the front window. Here are some of them:

PCL Oakland Oaks
Negro League Indianapolis Clowns
Cerveza Polar
1960's Tri-City Atoms
The Minor League Milwaukee Brewers
PCL Hollywood Stars
The yellow shirt in the middle is the House of David which was a Barnstorming Jewish team from  about 1903 until the 1950's
Negro League Kansas City Monarchs
Nippon Professional League Hiroshima Toyo Carp- I bought this one
Haight-Ashbury T-Shirts has many other shirts for all different tastes, but it was the baseball shirts which I really loved. Think I will be going back again and again.

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