Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pinball Hall of Fame-Part I

The Pinball Hall of Fame
Being here in Las Vegas for last five days with three more to go has been a blast. I know it seems like I am blogging a bunch but I have been doing a lot of stuff with my time and want to share things other than hanging out on the Strip in Sin City. Been taking a ton of pics of the different things and places I have been going. I almost been doing more on a vacation than when I am working.

That being said, I had a really cool experience. I went to the Pinball Hall of Fame. This place is superduper cool. Man, did I have a blast in the afternoon I spent here. WOW. Growing up playing pinball I miss going to a local arcade and having an afternoon full of fun with simple games. Now everything is so realistic and whatever that I really don't want to go. The Pinball Hall of Fame goes back to the simpler time. Anyway, the place is off the strip past UNLV, it is free to get in and the only cost is to play the games. The cool thing is that since the place is non-profit all the excess revenue goes to local non-denominational charities:

1948 Lady Robin Hood machine
Rows and rows of games to be played
1947 Bally Circus
1948 United Rondeevoo
Bally Target Roll 1959
1945 Chicago Coin Goalie
Love the Star Trek games
1968 Funland
1970 Stock Car
1966 Central Park
Three classics

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