Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Fremont Street Experience-Las Vegas

Walking along Fremont Street in Las Vegas
The Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas is Vegas' attempt to make Downtown Vegas a cool place to go. It is the original Vegas before the Strip. Once the hotels and casinos on the Strip came about Downtown Vegas started to become a wasteland so the city decided and the hotels/casinos decided to do something about it, so they created the Fremont Street Experience. One of cool things is the dazzling light and music show overhead as you are walking. The night I was there they had tributes to Queen and Bon Jovi and with videos overheard, the lights blazing and the old cool hotels it is something to truly see:

The front of the Heart Attack Grill-I did not eat there
The front of the El Cortez Hotel
Part of the overhead light show 
One of the many cool neon signs
This was once outside the Aladdin Hotel
Love this
Dancing to the music
One of the many bands playing along the Fremont Street Experience
"Andy Anderson" the Mascot of the old Anderson Dairy
That is a million dollars at Binion's Casino
Outside the Glitter Gulch
Loved this 
The Fremont Street Experience is a great way to spend an evening in Sin City, it is enjoyable walk with an adult beverage or two.

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